Maziar Kabiri

Maziar Kabiri

Maziar Kabiri Noshnagh (MAKANO)

Photographer, Film maker, Model, Actor…


Maziar Kabiri Born on 21th of August 1980 in Tehran. His father was a disciplined Policeman under the rule of the Imperial kingdom of Pahlavi, and his mother was a nurse. Given the conditions of Iran after the revolution, as well as the beginning of the war with Iraq, country was on a huge crisis which, access to new science and updated technology was impossible. In those circumstances, he entered to elementary school and finished his high school at Alborz College, one of the reputable colleges in Iran. Then after, during Khatami›s presidency and improving foreign relations, access to the world›s technology was slightly easier than before, at the time he prepared for the university entrance test, wishing to be accepted in the engineering major not knowing his future career was not in the same path. In 1998, he entered the National Technical and Engineering University of Semnan in the Electronic engineering program. During his study, he started working for an advertising company as a part- time employee and slightly after he managed to work as a freelancer in advertising industry.



It was at this time that he introduced himself to Hacoupian clothing brand. He met them to promote his own advertising company but instead, got an offer from them. An official modelling contract which, no one has received in Iran after revolution.

From that time, he started to know fashion world and understand modeling photography and advertising. He signed his first contract with Hacoupian Co. in the 2000, and after 3 years, he was not only the model of the company, but also became photography and filming project manager, this continued until 2009. During these years of being in several projects for photography, Directing, filming, and … His interest in photography soared and he bought his first professional photographic camera in the year 2003, with the experiences he earned in Hacoupian projects and the extensive studies, he did in that area, he turned into a professional photographer who had acquired all the experience he needed for a project. He was All a model and project manager, director, photographer, and … and this gave him extraordinary power to understand the project›s themes and concepts. He found his first company in the year 2007 named it, Arjhang Parsian Design Consultants Co. In the year 2012, he opened his photography and filming studio called Soushians Studio and during all these years, did a lot of work.

After all, he decided to expand his fashion photography business as an international photographer. So after publishing his successful Street Art photobook project in brazil at 2019, he moved to Turkey and has started his business there.